About Us

Since 2003 our company has set the bar for quality upholstery services for businesses in Phoenix AZ and surrounding areas. With a blend of working on custom furniture while most of our services were geared towards commercial  environments. Originally known as Vasile's Custom Upholstery, our commercial clients kept coming back for quality, affordable and dependable service. We reached the point where all our focus and attention had to be invested in working only with businesses  and contract clients, thus being able to give businesses our 100%. While we may occasionally work on personal furniture for business owners, our attention and priority remains to keep their companies looking their very best. Wether working on site or off site, from simple shop drawings to working with the most popular service sites and platforms like Service Channel, Corrigo, SMS and more, we enjoy being able to provide the tools and options necessary to get the job done right the first time and on time. Our work ethic and dedication has guaranteed constant growth and consistent work flow enabling us to become better and better at what we do!