• Booth Recovery/Custom Builds
  • Booth Re-Design/Remodel
  • Church Pew Recovery/Modifications
  • Sound Panel Recovery/Fabricate
  • Hospitality Furniture (Re-Upholster)
  • Built In Seating/Custom Builds/Banquettes
  • Spring Suspension to Dymetrol Conversion
  • Booth Re-Design/Remodel
  • Outdoor Booth & Banquette (Weather Resistant)
  • Outdoor Cushions/Fabricate (Weather Resistant)

Keeping Your Business Looking It's Best

There's a lot that can be said about a business by the way it presents itself. Is it focused on it's clients, community, future growth or is it just doing the bare minimum to get by? While upholstery seems to be on the back-burner for many owners/managers... for the most successful, it is yet another niche and detail that keeps an inviting atmosphere and leaves a lasting impression with every client. It's the attention to making their comfort and pleasant experience a priority that will keep them coming back, again and again! This is the same reason our business has grown rapidly and our clients come back again and again, their satisfaction is our utmost priority. Please take some time to visit the entire site and learn a little about us.  From the most expensive and unique Italian leathers to the most affordable commercial materials, a simple pinch size tear can take a client's focus from any potentially wonderful experience and develop hesitation and discomfort, it starts in the subconscious believe it or not! Allow us to contribute our services to your success. We appreciate your interest and time!